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Welcome to RoomToRoom, a streamlined report writing package that puts you ahead of the game:

Get ready to "wow" Your clients and their realtors:

Fast and easy to use

Use the Windows 8.1/RT RoomToRoom Field App to create your report on-site. Comment libraries make writing/typing on the job a thing of the past. Simply touch the screen to report on specific items, and the software does the rest!

Fully Customizable

Customization of your report structure allows RoomToRoom to work for your business, not against it. Create templates or use those included to easily start inspecting condos, single-family homes, duplexes and more.

Clean reports

Use the R2R desktop software to put the final touches on your report. Generate brilliant PDF files for your clients that are clean and easy to read, with an auto-generated table of contents and clickable links to go from room to room.

Sample Report

(see more) sample report


"Prior to using R2R, my reports took eight to ten hours to write. Since changing to R2R, report writing has been cut to a fraction of this time. The reports are divided logically, are visually clear with pictures well-placed per section, and have generated many positive comments from customers in the short time of using R2R.

One of the great features of R2R is the ability to customize the comment library to individual inspector taste. Instead of writing so much, you simply point and click to enter specific report content." -- CW, Oregon